Alfonso Flores

Alfonso Flores began his radio broadcasting career …in his imagination. As a child he enjoyed listening to stories on the radio. He admired the voices, the music, the special effects. It was all magic in his mind. As a young man, he chose a career in radio and discovered the world of communication.

In 1983, Alfonso secured his first job in radio at a board operator at XE-RCN in Tijuana, Mexico. In 1986 he moved to XEG in Monterrey. Then, in 1990 he got his first job in the United States at KTMR in Edna-Victoria, Texas. He would spend 13 years in radio in Houston before arriving in San Antonio at KSAH in 2004.

During 30 years in radio, in addition to being an on-air personality, Alfonso has worked in promotions and production and as Music Director, Content Director, and Operations Manager. He is currently Spanish Program Director for KSAH Norteño 720 and 104.1 and KLEY Tejano 95.7 and 103.3.

With his extensive knowledge of the Mexican culture, Alfonso understands the needs and characteristics of the Latin community and the way diversity integrates in the United States. He has used this understanding to program these Spanish-language stations to provide maximum cultural impact in the San Antonio community.

Alfonso credits three people as the mentors who most influenced his radio career: Bernardo Bichara in Monterrey, Tom Castro in Houston and Lance Hawkins in San Antonio. Building on their example, Alfonso has mentored many up-and-coming talents to help develop their own careers in radio.

Alfonso has shared the experiences of his life through a microphone. He loves San Antonio and its people and is proud to serve his community through radio. Alfonso knows that he wants to be in radio for the rest of his life. For him, radio is not a job, it is a lifestyle.