Bill Dante

Bill Dante began his radio and television career in 1963 while serving in the U.S. Air Force where he was assigned to Armed Forces Radio and Television. After his service in Vietnam, Bill went to work at the number one radio station in Austin, Texas.

In 1972, he was recruited by Bernie Waterman and Sonny Melendez to come to San Antonio to help start KTFM. Bill was made General Manager, and recruited Tony Raven and Sales Executive, Joe Ernest, to join him there. Almost immediately KTFM moved into the top 3 out of 24 stations.

In 1975, Bill moved to KONO as Program Director where he and his team established one of the most infamous and successful talent line-ups in San Antonio radio…that included Bill, Don Couser, Tony Raven, Michael Black, Rudy Rocha, Lee Woods, Bob Prado and Darrell Taylor.

In 1978, Bill moved into Sales at KONO/KITY and started doing weather on KSAT-TV. Two years later, he joined the KISS radio sales team and became their number one sales person, while also doing the weather live on KKYX radio and at KMOL TV.

In 1985, he joined 96- Rock as Local Sales Manager; then moved to KSAQ/KSJL as General Sales Manager where he stayed until 1991 while still doing live weather radio shows and the KMOL-TV weathercast.

It was then that Bill returned to Waterman Broadcasting as the National Sales Manager, breaking all national sales records for the next 10 years. In 2001, he became Sales Manager then Director of Sales at WOAI-TV, a position he held for 7 years, while continuing live radio weather forecasts on ALL Clear Channel stations.

Bill is currently co-owner of the Addy award winning Dante-Klar Media Group.