Bill Kiley

In 1943, at the age of 16, Bill Kiley went to KMAC Radio looking for a job. He was not hired, but was given permission to visit the station nights, which he did for several weeks learning the operation of the audio board, record filing and program logs. In May, he was asked to take over the 6 to midnight on-air shift, replacing the recently drafted night jocks.

Three months later, Bill received a job offer from KONO with a raise from 70 to 90 cents an hour … and a chance to use his FCC license. Bill worked evenings and weekends at KONO until 1945 when he entered the U.S. Navy.

When he was discharged in 1949, Bill returned KONO to host an afternoon showed called Melody Matinee. He was called back into the Navy a year and a half later but returned to KONO after 18 months of service. With his Naval electronics background, Bill slowly phased into engineering while continuing to do commercial voice overs.

In 1957 Bill was appointed KONO Chief Engineer. When KONO-TV went on the air that year, Bill selected the opening music for 12 Star Final News, and was the voice-over for its opening credits until 1965.

In 1980 Bill left KONO to join the engineering staff of KSAT-TV.  He retired from KSAT in 2000.