Bob Crowley

Bob Crowley spent his childhood listening to KONO 86 and by high school had decided to make a career as a radio announcer. While taking speech lessons and acting in plays, he met Bob Jolley who hired him as announcer for his program on KLRN-TV.

Next KBAT’s Bill Hoadley offered to mentor Bob, letting him practice on the equipment, make tapes, and file records at the station. In 1973 Bob attended the University of Houston where he worked at the campus station and briefly at KLOL.

In 1974, Bob returned to San Antonio to work part-time at KITY-FM. A year later, he was heard on KTFM as Barney Stone. Bob worked at 4 more stations in 4 years including as Music Director at legendary KEXL. In 1979 he was involved with Catholic Radio, producing the English Mass that aired live on KCCW.

Over the next 5 years, Bob did overnight news at KONO, was station announcer for KENS-TV, worked weekends at KISS and had a part-time job at KLLS. He was also News Director at KSAQ and news anchor at KRNN and at WOAI.

In 1987, Bob moved to Austin where he created a radio division for a statewide television news organization. He returned to San Antonio to sell time at KENS-AM before moving to Dallas.

Bob served as chairman of the San Antonio Cable Advisory board and served on the boards of the Austin Society of Professional Journalists and ACTV community television.

Bob passed away in April 2020.