Bob Sinclair

Bob Sinclair began his career in radio on the Armed Forces Korea Network in 1954. After his Honorable Discharge from the Army in 1956, he landed a job at KLBJ in Austin that lasted about three months.

Then Bob moved to San Antonio to work at KMAC, where he was soon joined by a young Pat Tallman. Around 1957, Pat was hired by KTSA, which had exploded onto the San Antonio scene with a high-powered, rock 'n roll format that totally dominated the South Texas market.

Somehow Pat sweet-talked KTSA into hiring Bob to do the all-night show. A year later, Bob moved to a station in Tucson but soon returned to KTSA to work the evening shift.

Sometime during those rock ‘n roll days at KTSA, Bob was joined on-the-air by Sagamore Subsoil, a cranky old sidekick of his own creation who has been with Bob ever since.

When he was offered a prime time slot at a station in Oakland, Bob jumped at the chance. Unfortunately, a year later, the station was sold and the entire on-air staff was, in Bob’s words, “unceremoniously dumped.”

But news travels fast in the radio biz … and soon Pat Tallman, always the steadfast friend, and now Program Director at KBAT, called to offer Bob a job doing afternoon drive.

It was during this time at KBAT that Bob was to share the airwaves with a bright young San Antonio teenager. For about 6 months in 1966, The Bob and Liz Show aired on KBAT for an hour every weekday afternoon.

A couple of years later Bob left radio broadcasting to go into the advertising business.