Bob Webster

Bob Webster says he got into radio by accident… that turned into a 42-year broadcasting career. Bob has always been a plant guy working in his family’s florist and nursery business since he was a child and studying biology in college. So how did this plant enthusiast end up in radio?

In 1978 Bob got a call from Carl Wigglesworth asking him to do a talk show about plants on WOAI. Bob said he couldn’t do that because he didn’t know anything about radio and was scared of microphones. Carl replied, “You know plants; we’ll teach you about radio.”

Bob’s “plant talk” program quickly grew in listener popularity and advertising revenue. He would also be tagged by KMOL-TV to do a regular plant spot on the weekday evening news.

In 1992, Bob moved to KTSA where his show is broadcast each Saturday morning. Bob has done syndicated radio, broadcast from various control rooms, and taken his ‘Tieline’ unit to places from a wilderness lodge to a hospital.

Bob currently broadcasts from his home office and admits that there are Saturday mornings when that alarm goes off at three a.m. and he asks himself “why I am doing this?”

That’s when he remembers the older couple who once told him that their grandson who though severely handicapped still dreamed of gardening someday and who literally lived to hear Bob’s voice on the radio every Saturday morning.

Then he shuts off the alarm, puts a smile on his face, and heads for that microphone that doesn’t scare him anymore.