Bud Little

Bud Little began his career in the broadcast industry in 1957 as an announcer and news director at KVOZ in Laredo, Texas. In 1965 he became news director at KRYS in Corpus Christi. In 1972 he moved to San Antonio and WOAI Radio where he would remain for 38 years.

Bud spent most of those years covering the news at San Antonio’s City Hall where WOAI had its own news office. He also covered stories from the Bexar County Courthouse.

Bud points out that during his years at WOAI, he survived ten mayors and five county judges. He also won the top Texas Associated Press News Award, not only while at WOAI, but also at each station he worked for.

Bud names several memorable interviews that he held during his career … like the time he interviewed San Antonio Councilman Bennie Euresti in front of a urinal in Brackenridge Park … and his interviews with King Hussein of Jordan, Jack Ruby's attorney Melvin Belli, and many others. He was also on the scene to cover the Battle of Flowers sniper story as it happened.

Bud says he loved every minute of the 53 years he spent in Radio, especially those 38 years in San Antonio. He retired in 2010.