Chet Maxwell

Chet Maxwell was born and schooled in San Antonio. After serving in the U.S. Marine Corps for two years during World War II, with 20 months of that time overseas in the Pacific Theater, he came home to San Antonio and enrolled at Trinity University. Later he worked in the advertising department at Joske's Department Store.

In 1957 broadcasting entered his life, when Chet took a job as a salesman at KENS Radio, a low rated CBS station that aired soap operas and Arthur Godfrey. A year and a half later, Chet became sales manager and the station’s format changed to Country music, making KENS the first 50,000-watt country station in Texas. Chet worked at KENS through 1963...until the station was sold and the new owners changed the format.

Chet would go on to work in sales at KILT Radio in Houston for 5 years then at KBOX Radio in Dallas for 17 years where he moved into programming, promotion and advertising. Chet even owned his own station, KEMM, in Greenville, Texas, for a short time. While in Dallas Chet was very active in civic and community organizations that allowed him to use his radio expertise to help raise money for many worth causes.

After retiring from radio, Chet formed Metro Broadcast Monitor, a programming and advertiser monitoring service for stations in seven markets, including four Texas markets.

After selling that company, Chet came home to San Antonio to retire … where he has become an active member and supporter of the Society of San Antonio Radio Broadcasters.