Chrissie Murnin


When Chrissie Murnin was an 18-year-old R-T-F student at San Antonio College in 1977, Bill Rhode hired her for a 3-month internship at KKYX Radio.  38 years later she’s still here.

At first Chrissie worked in the newsroom reading the weather on Pat Tallman’s Morning Show. She says she was fortunate to land in a place with so many exceptionally talented and experienced people who helped her learn the news business. Among them … Pat Fitzgerald who became her mentor, and Joe Simpson, her first news director.

During her first year at KKYX a city-wide power outage occurred. Jerry King, Paul Kirby and Chrissie were the only people at the station. Because of its backup generator, the station was back on the air quickly and, for a while, was the only station on the air in San Antonio...just Paul and Chrissie holding down the fort! She says she got a raise from Rhode right after that!

Chrissie soon went from intern to part-timer and eventually was hired for a full-time job as a street reporter and anchor. Over the next three decades, she covered everything from car crashes to visits by presidents and the Pope.

As radio changed and owners acquired additional stations Chrissie was given news jobs on these additional stations. At one time she was doing over 50 newscasts a week on up to 6 stations.

Today Chrissie is still on the air … doing the morning news on KKYX and reporting traffic for KKYX, Y100, KONO and KSMG.