Darrell Taylor

Darrell Taylor began his radio career in San Diego, California, after serving 4 years in the United States Navy which included three tours in Viet Nam. He didn’t plan on broadcasting as a career but a friend thought he had a wonderful radio voice and suggested the Bill Wade School of Broadcasting.

Darrell’s first job was production assistant at KSDO Radio in San Diego. Then he came to Texas, and landed his first on-air job at KERV in Kerrville.  A few years later, Darrell was in San Antonio doing the all-night shift at KBUC. By this time, his on-air talent was being recognized by the industry and he was soon hired away by KITY-KONO. After that, it was on to FM Radio … and 100.3, Buzzard Rock.

When that station switched formats, Darrell switched to K-TUF in Wichita Falls. His next move took him to Colorado, where he would remain for several years, working at four different radio stations, opening a modeling school and publishing a fashion magazine called Taylor Made Productions.

But Texas kept calling him home, so he came back…first to Kerrville then to a part-time gig at Magic 105.3, KSMG in San Antonio. When Darrell was offered a full-time job in New Braunfels, he moved to KNBT. Eventually Darrell returned to Magic to work part-time while also teaching announcing classes for the Northeast Independent School District’s community education department.

While on-air stunts were not new to radio, Darrell liked to push the limits. Once he was buried alive for a 24-hour charity promotion and once he did live drops while being buried under 6 feet of dirt and gravel.

Darrell retired from radio in 2000 after a successful 27-year career. Reflecting on his radio experiences he said that the “control” one has on the air is what motivated him. “You are in charge. You bring the magic to the audience. You control the listening experience,” he said.

Darrell passed away in May of this year.