David Muñoz

David Muñoz grew up on the southside of San Antonio, listening to the radio and curious about how the DJ’s were able to transition so smoothly between songs when he had so much trouble with his record player at home. Soon he began copying the vocal styles of the announcers he heard on the radio. However, the biggest obstacle he had to overcome was stuttering and stammering.

David entered the RTF department at San Antonio College in 1972 where his speech professor helped him overcome his speech problem. In 1973 he began his broadcast career at KTSA. A year later, he moved over to KTFM, first working weekends and then middays.

In 1975, the station program director brought David some records by artists and with music he had never heard before … Smooth Jazz. It was the beginning of a new direction in his career that would lead to his being recognized throughout San Antonio as The Jazzman.

In 1980 David moved to KTUF, a Smooth Jazz station. In 1985, he was on the air at KMMX which featured the “Sunday Morning Jazz Show.” Four years later, he took over as host of that show and his reputation as the Jazzman grew.

In 1992, KQXT called and asked David to bring his jazz show to them. During his 26 years at the station, David would become Promotions Director, Assistant Program Director, and in 2001, account executive for Clear Channel Radio while continuing to host “Sunday Morning Jazz”.

David has also hosted and served as booking agent and consultant for numerous Jazz Festivals including the Balcones Heights Jazz Festival, the Jazz Series at the Shops at La Cantera, and Jazz’SAlive. When Sunday Morning Jazz was cancelled in 2018, David quickly created “Smooth Jazz San Antonio” for the iHeart radio app.