David Rios

David Rios was born at General Hospital in Los Angeles with, it is rumored, a big voice and a microphone in his hand. Aware of his fascination with audio recording, Dave’s Mom, Florence, always made sure there was a reel-to-reel recorder in the house. His Dad, Ramon, an accomplished musician who had appeared in over a dozen MGM movies, introduced his son to TV studio producers and film editors he knew in hopes they might have a place for him to fit in.

In 1978, after studying theatre at Los Angeles Valley College, attending San Francisco’s American Conservatory Theatre, and working as an animation editor, Dave heard a spot on KFWB radio that would change his life forever with the words: ‘How would you like a career in broadcasting? Do you have what it takes to become a radio announcer?’ So, Dave went to school and then sent fake air checks to area stations until one day Dave Conley, looking for a news guy for a station in Texas, called, auditioned Dave over the phone, and hired him.

Dave arrived in San Antonio in 1983 to work as News Director at classic rock KXZL where he was paired first with Loose Leif Calberg and then with Mark “Hawkeye” Lewis. In 1985, Dave moved to KTFM as midday disc jockey. Later he joined Sonny Melendrez on the morning shift and became part of the number 1 rated radio show in the city.

Dave then moved KTSA to do the Morning Show with Logan Stewart. Back then, nobody could pronounce Dave’s real last name, Arias, let alone spell it, so Elizabeth Ruiz suggested he change his air-name to Dave Rios. When Waterman Broadcasting decided to make a change, Dave was let go… and soon found a new and lasting home at KONO 860 and FM101.1.

In 1993 his position as Number One in the market became a reality. Today Dave Rios is the longest, continuous-running, morning host in the history of KONO Radio with nearly 25 years waking up San Antonio with hit music, a positive upbeat delivery and encouraging content.

More than just a radio talent, David Rios is also a passionate supporter of the needs of underprivileged children and numerous other charities throughout San Antonio. He has immersed himself in helping others, sharing his many talents as a volunteer or a promoter and hosting KONO Radiothons that have raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for the San Antonio Children’s Shelter, the Air Force in Blue concert, Fort Sam’s Fisher House project and dozens of other community organizations.

It was only years later that his first Program Director Dave Conley told him, “Your aircheck sucked, but anybody who can attend The American Conservatory Theatre, can do radio!”