Debbie Alcocer

Debbie Alcocer is a proud Latina and native of San Antonio, born and raised on the West Side. Her first job as a radio broadcaster was at KBFM in Edinburg, Texas in 1980.  A year later, she came home to work first part-time at KZ-100 then full-time as on-air talent overnights before moving up to the 7 to midnight slot.

Debbie’s longest tenure at a San Antonio station was the 12 years she would spend as on-air talent and Music Director at 99.5 KISS from 1982 to 1990 and again from ’92 to’96. She started there working evenings then quickly moved to middays.

It was during her time at KISS that she gained her Rock “street cred” …and became known as “The Electric Lady”. Being part of that legendary rock station is one of Debbie’s proudest achievements in radio.

At KISS, she hosted the award-winning, local music show, “The Homegrown Hour” which grew to become “Texas Trax”, doing what she could to support the local music scene. The show would later morph into a one-hour video music program for one season on Paragon Cable.

As it often goes in radio, after a format change in 1996, KISS management let everyone go. That's when Debbie got a call from the PD at 104.5 KZEP Classic Rock where she stayed until ending her radio days in San Antonio in 1998.

Debbie then moved to Dallas and continued her radio career for another 23 years. Today she lives in Denver continuing to work in radio remotely via the Internet…and still having fun!

Debbie is also a 2022 Inductee in the Texas Radio Hall of Fame. Who knew that young girl who rode her bike up ‘n down and all over the Loma Park area with a small transistor radio taped to her handle bars would still be in radio 40-plus years later?