Gary Allyn

Gary Allyn, the World’s Tallest Midget, began his radio career at the age of 17 at W-I-N-G in Dayton, Ohio, in 1955. After working in three other markets, he arrived in Fort Hood, Texas, in 1962, courtesy of the U.S. Army. In October, he was assigned to the Radio-TV Section at 4th U.S. Army Headquarters at Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio.

Gary was writer, producer and voice talent for three weekly taped programs that were shipped to hundreds of Army radio stations. He also hosted an all Army talent show on KONO-TV. At the same time, Gary was working part-time at K-I-T-E Radio. Then, he was hired to work nights at KONO until he received his honorable discharge from the Army.

Gary’s on-air persona as The World’s Tallest Midget soon moved him to the noon-to-three slot where his ratings rose. Then he was named Music Director for the station. Then in 1966, he became Program Director. It was through Gary's creative and innovative programming that KONO became San Antonio Radio's ratings leader in all day parts. Allyn headed a program department that included an award winning news staff and a top-rated team of air personalities.

Gary Allyn was the innovative architect for many original and highly successful contests and promotions including Cash Call, Don't Say Hello, and Hi-Lo which is still heard on the air today. Gary’s skillful music research techniques kept KONO at the top of the nation's "Hitmaker" stations…and his musical "ear" was also involved in helping create many classic KONO jingles series.

After leaving KONO in 1968, Gary went on to successfully program stations in San Diego, Denver, Cleveland, Seattle, Washington D.C. and Kansas City. But has always maintained that Texas Radio was the best Radio he ever heard or worked in.