Greg Martin

Greg Martin started his radio career with Waterman Broadcasting in 1986 at the age of 13. He would ride his bike or walk from Krueger Middle School to KTFM where he served as a volunteer board operator for The Chucker. He would later be hired on to the promotions team and as weekend on-air personality for KTFM.

In 1993 Greg worked for 106.7 the Armadillo as night talent before moving to Albuquerque until 1995 when he returned to San Antonio to join the team at 96.7 KHFI as the night talent. His tight formatics and high energy were the hallmarks of his radio show and would attract interest from other markets.

So, Greg moved to Denver to work at KS1075 as the night talent where he was consistently #1 with a 19 share. When he moved to afternoon drive, he continued to thrive. But Texas was never off his mind.

And in 1999, he returned once again to the halls of KTFM where he took over the afternoon drive slot. During his career as a high energy jock, Greg assumed many on-air personas … from Joe B. Nasty, Joe B. and Eight Ball to Chico Banana and The Problem Child. Somehow, he was also able to work under the name Greg Martin.

One of Greg’s claims to fame is that he took the original “Veronica” call that would later be made into a song by Steve Chazez.

Greg would survive many music flips at KTFM before jumping off air into a backstage role in 2006.  For the past 16 years Greg has been Program Director and Operations Director for Alpha Media and a format captain for News Talk at Alpha Media.

Greg has been an inspiration to many up-and-coming radio jocks. As Tony Cortez once noted, “Growing up, I used to listen to Joe B. Nasty, when he did nights on KHFI. He was the tightest night jock you could ever hear - and he was using reel-to-reel tape and cart machines!”