Janis Maxymof

Janis Maxymof began her career in radio broadcasting in1980 when she became one of the first female salespeople in San Antonio working for KZZY-FM “The Buzzard”. She immediately fell in love with radio and her life at the Buzzard where she was a top producer for 10 years.

In 1990 Janis moved into sales management at KSMG Magic 105. Later, she took the position of General Sales Manager for KISS-FM when it signed back on in December of 1991. She recruited, trained and motivated a sales and marketing staff that broke all records, holding the coveted top revenue producing Miller Kaplan ranking for multiple years.

Under Janis’ leadership her sales team defined a client’s needs and practiced customer-focused selling with a passionate and sincere approach. They developed no nonsense strategic plans for executing successful campaigns.

Janis’ passion for cross marketing with promotions, programming and production provided revenue for both the station and community-based charities. Her pride and joy would be the promotion named KISS Kids…a shopping event every Christmas for the under-privileged children at San Antonio’s Boysville.

The KISS on-air personalities, production staff, promotions department and sales staff worked together to raise the money and recruit over 100 volunteers for the event. Each child had their own volunteer and $100 to spend on anything they wanted. The one-on-one experience was invaluable to children who lived in a group setting. It was a joyous event that gave the volunteers and children alike an amazingly memorable experience.

For Janis Maxymof radio broadcasting was her life for 30 years. It provided a wonderful career and a lifestyle for which she will always be grateful. Janis wants to thank her husband of 45 years for his attendance and support at every radio promotion.