Jim Flowers

Jim Flowers discovered his love for radio broadcasting in the early 1950s. He remembers listening to San Antonio legend Henry Guerra deliver the news and DJ Charlie Walker play the music of Ernest Tubb, Webb Pierce, Bob Wills and Hank Williams. As a teen in the 60s, Jim continued to listen to the traditional country radio but he also enjoyed rock, middle of the road, and even classical stations. Jim was intrigued with those voices on the radio and often wondered what the announcers looked like. His dream was to sound just like them someday.

So, in 1972 Jim began his radio career with a correspondence course from the Columbia School of Broadcasting under the direction of Don French. After completing that course, he enrolled in RTF classes at San Antonio College. His instructors were some of those men he had listened to on the radio including Don Couser and Gary DeLaune.

After two semesters at SAC, Jim applied for an on-air job at KITE and was hired by Tom East for midnight to six a.m. weekends. He says he is forever grateful to Tom for giving him that chance. About a year later, Jim was moved to 6 p.m. to midnight. He also spent time “babysitting” the Allan Dale Show weeknights.

In 1976, Jim was hired by Bill Rohde at KKYX, again for midnight to six weekends. During his five years with the station, he would move to 6 to midnight.  He must have achieved his goal to “sound like those guys on the radio” because his career continued well into the 1990s.

In 1982 Jim was hired by John Barger at KAJA where he again worked 6 to midnight. In 1990 Jim Sharon at KQXT hired him to once again anchor weekends midnight to 6. Jim also served as the voice of and engineered “The Sounds of Faith” program that aired Sunday mornings from 5:30 to 8:00.

Jim Flowers refers to his radio career by saying “Remember, I was always just part time.” After a decades long career gracing the San Antonio airwaves on multiple stations across a variety of musical formats, Jim Flowers was actually a full-time, part-time radio personality who had a dream…and fulfilled it.