Liz Houston

Liz Houston, among the first female on-air personalities in San Antonio, has maintained her support for radio broadcasting throughout her life. Liz’s love affair with radio began as a high school student in 1964 when she became an enthusiastic listener and supporter of KONO Radio.

Liz was the KONO Correspondent for her high school, reporting live half-time scores by phone to the on-air jocks every Friday night during football season. She also served as president of DJ Don Green’s popular KONO Green Light Club.

One evening during the summer of her senior year, Liz left a party and walked two blocks down Ashby Street to the Victorian mansion that was the home of KBAT Radio. Doors weren’t locked in 1966, so she strolled in and befriended late night DJ, Morgan Hill. This led to her being hired as the station’s summer receptionist.

During that summer, veteran radio personality, Bob Sinclair, along with station manager Bob Magruder, devised a plan to increase the station’s numbers among teen listeners. The result was the Bob and Liz Show, putting Liz on the air, at age 16, as the city’s first and only “teen disc jockey”.

The next year, Liz studied Radio Broadcasting at San Antonio College, where she worked on the air at classical station, KCOR-FM. But, before she even finished one year at SAC, she was hired as Continuity Director at KTSA, based solely on a recommendation by her professor Don Couser. Liz held that position for 14 months, working with and learning from such radio legends as Ron Houston, Bruce Hathaway, and Ricci Ware.

Liz left radio behind after 1969, moving into ad agency and freelance work as copywriter, producer, creative director and voice-over talent. She served on the Board of Directors of the Ad Federation and American Women in Radio and Television ... and is a co-founder of the Society of San Antonio Radio Broadcasters.