Logan Stewart

Logan Stewart is remembered as KTSA's most famous news commentator.

He was hired by KTSA in January 1973 and, during his tenure with the station, KTSA rose to a 25 percent audience share in the Arbitron ratings.  According to then KTSA Executive VP and GM, Ken Dowe, “No one played a more important role in that success than Logan.”

Logan had been the Morning News Anchor/Commentator at KRUX in Phoenix from 1968 through 1972. Before that he worked in Los Angeles for Westinghouse at KFWB from 1963 through '67.

In the days before Radio, Logan worked as a Spanish Translator in Washington DC. He was fluently bi-lingual.

Then KTSA PD, Todd Wallace, remembers Logan’s first day. “I'll never forget the first time he cracked the mike at KTSA with "Hola! a todos mis amigos … Mi casa es su casa. Hello San Antonio! This is Logan Stewart with KTSA News … and comments on that news.”

An interesting tidbit about Logan … he brought his little poodle, Charge, with him to work every morning … a well-behaved pooch that hopped up on a pillow right next to the newsroom microphone and never made a sound.

Logan Stewart was one of a kind.  And one in a million.