Mary Denman

Mary Denman was a pioneer among women in broadcasting and a San Antonio media legend who, before her death at age 90, would joke that she was the 'oldest broad in broadcasting'.

The list of things that Mary was the “first” to do in radio and television is  long. She was the first woman to appear on television in Corpus Christi, when she hosted Toyland Time as 'The Song Lady' on KVDO in the early 1950s. In San Antonio, Mary became the first woman to co-anchor a newscast on KENS-TV, where she also produced and co-hosted 'Our Town,' a weekday interview program.

In 1975, Mary entered radio broadcasting, joining WOAI when the station made the switch to news/talk. There she produced and was the first host of the 'Morning Magazine' show which aired mornings 9 to 11.

In 1991 Mary developed a radio program for seniors called “Prime Plus.” For the next 13 years, it aired every Sunday morning, first on WOAI, then KENS-AM and finally on KLUP.

Mary also ran a marketing and public relations agency with her husband for several years…and was very active in local theater, serving on several boards at the San Pedro Playhouse and performing in numerous productions.

Mary won the Broadcaster of the Year Award from American Women in Radio and TV in 1973…Joskes’ Woman of Achievement Award in 1984… and both the National Achievement Award and the Silver Award of Excellence from American Women in Radio and Television in 1995.

Mary feared nothing. She was fighting for women's equality before there was such a thing. She did voice-acting well into her 80s. She was a force of nature who helped pave the way for women in broadcasting.

Mary passed away in May 2013.