Paul Reynolds

Paul Reynolds worked as a Chief Engineer in radio broadcasting for nearly 50 years. After serving 8 years in the U.S. Air Force and working for North American Rockwell designing and installing avionics systems for 2 years, Paul worked as chief engineer at radio stations in Oklahoma for 10 years. In 1980, he came to San Antonio to work at KKYX where he was instrumental in testing and adding AM Stereo to the KKYX signal in 1982.

Paul is what is known as a “hands on” engineer. He has spent most of his career designing, building, constructing, and moving studios in Texas, Oklahoma and Florida for Swanson Broadcasting, now Cox Media. He has done things like replacing a circa 1949 RCA R-F Phasing Network for KRMG…erecting a circa 1957, 1129-foot tower at a new transmitter site for KCYY… and supervising only the second “field proof” by helicopter for an AM station.

In 1985 Paul was building a new transmitter site for KKYX in Medina County while moving its studios at the same time. In 1990 he was building studios for 106.7, currently KTKX. In 1993, he was moving studio locations for three stations. Then Paul entered a new century … and he was still building!

In 2005, he put HD on the air for three FM and two AM stations. In 2006, he supervised construction of new studios for the merging of KISS and KSMG.  In 2009 Paul became Chief Engineer for the entire 7-station San Antonio Cox Media cluster. In 2012 he supervised construction of a new 1129-foot tower that now holds seven FM stations. Paul retired from Cox in 2014 but still provides consulting when needed.

Paul Reynolds holds an FCC General (formerly First Class) Radio Telephone Operator License … is a Certified Professional Member of the Society of Broadcast Engineers … and has been a member of the San Antonio College-St. Phillips College Advisory Boards in Communications Electronics for 30 years. He holds FAA Commercial, Instrument and Multi-engine pilot licenses and is a member of the Sons of the American Revolution, the Order of the Founders of North America, and ROTC Chairman for San Antonio Chapter 4.