Ric Gonzalez

Ric Gonzalez began his broadcasting career in Victoria, Texas. Just out of high school and trying to choose a career path when luck or fate stepped in. He heard an ad on the radio that local station KVIC was looking for a DJ. With no former experience to back him up, Ric drove to the station, filled out an application, and asked for an interview. After the receptionist turned him down, he asked to see the Program Director, turned down again, he persisted, asking her to call the PD. Moments later, Dave Jagger came down the hall and that day, took a chance on that kid. Ric got the job.

Over the next 9 years, Ric would work on-air at stations in Corpus Christi and Austin eventually turning to production work. He arrived in San Antonio in 1991 for his first full-time off-air job, as Production Manager for KSMG, KISS, and KLUP. He returned to Austin in 2002, but was back in SA to stay by 2006 working as Creative Services Director for Cox San Antonio.

In this position, Ric wrote ads, voiced and produced many, and ran the production department for 6 stations. He attended the Roy Williams Wizard Academy in Austin and numerous Dan O’Day International Summits in Los Angeles.  It was there that Ric met the owners of the famous Radio Ranch ad agency; a meeting he says taught him that ads are more than “just an ad”. Ads help keep a business alive which helps them employ others which helps them raise children and build a community.

Some of Ric’s best memories of working in radio are of hosting concerts and live shows in the 80s and 90s … and getting fan mail. Actual paper letters from all over…both from kids and grownups.

Ric only meant to spend one year in San Antonio, but luck or fate kept providing exciting new challenges…like the Orban digital work station the cluster acquired, the first in San Antonio. After chief engineer Richard Schuh put it together, Ric asked when the trainer would arrive. Richard smiled and handed him a manual thicker than a Webster’s dictionary. So, Ric taught himself digital editing … and stayed in San Antonio.

Ric currently works for Lifestyles Unlimited producing radio shows that run in over 60 cities.  He also freelances and still writes and voices for clients.