Rudy Rocha

Rudy Rocha began his career in radio broadcasting in 1965 at San Antonio’s popular Spanish-language station KUKA…taking “KUKA Power” dedications. Safe to say that was all it took to hook Rudy on radio.

Soon he was working as on-air personality at KONO … but ever so briefly. Next stop put Rudy on the powerful 150,000-watt airwaves of blow torch XEROK in Ciudad Juarez in Mexico.

Coming back to Texas, Rudy moved to North Texas to join the mighty KLIF in Dallas. Then it was down to South Texas for stops at three stations in the Rio Grande Valley. He was definitely following the well-work path of many jocks before him!

In the 1980s Rudy…a.k.a. The Real Rudy Rocha … came home to San Antonio to spend time at three FM stations KZZY, KLLS and KSRR. And even while on the air, he also used his special talents as an emcee, club DJ, and a sports event commentator.

Then Rudy returned to KONO, after all those years, to handle the midday air shift while also serving as the station’s Music Director.

With the 1990s came new challenges for Rudy to conquer…programming. He became Program Director at KXTN and then at KZVE.

Next stop for the Real Rudy Rocha … Metro Traffic … where he would work until he hung up his headphones for the last time. Or is it?

Rudy Rocha was inducted into the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2016.