Sally Yates

Sally Yates began her nearly 30-year career in radio sitting at a picnic table at Floore’s Country Store one August night back in 1979. It was there that KKYX GM Bill Rohde hired her because, he said, “she knew how to act around music artists.”

Sally started at KKYX as the Receptionist. For the next six years, she worked as secretary for the GM, Sales Manager, Program Director, Music Director, Sales Secretary and Programming Assistant before moving into Traffic and Continuity in 1985.

She also hosted a 3-minute program that aired 4 times a day, 3 days a week called the Country Club Check featuring local and regional musicians.

In 1990, Sally became the Traffic Director for KKYX and KCYY-FM. She would later work with the additional five stations acquired by the Cox Media Group. She always got along well with everyone who called or came to the station and made friends with many of the country music artists and record label execs and their reps.

While working in Traffic, Sally was known for always finding a place for inventory when the stations were “sold out”. She was able to keep the flow of sales humming and the revenue coming. GM Ben Reed once gave her the “crow bar” award because she could fit so many spots on the log without interfering with programming.

Sally received the Employee of the Month Award several times, known as the VAL Award, an acronym for value, attitude and loyalty. She earned a BA in English from the University of Texas in San Antonio in 2001. She retired from radio broadcasting in 2008.