Sheldon Kosharek

Sheldon Kosharek or "Captain K," as he became affectionally known to those who listened for decades to his on-air traffic reports, served as an example to all in his public service as well as his private life. He was a dedicated citizen who used his celebrity over the years to champion many causes, fund-raising projects and volunteer work.


"Captain K" maintained a gracious balance in his life of service, successfully merging his love of family, friends, and city into a complete and well-rounded life of commitment to all. These are words taken from a Resolution of Respect issued by the San Antonio City Council and presented to his family following his death in 1994.


Sheldon Kosharek became a San Antonio Police at the age of 21. He would remain a reserve police officer until his death. In 1968, he entered into his unique broadcasting career as a traffic safety reporter at KTSA Radio. An advertisement of the day read:


When you get behind the wheel of your car each morning and afternoon, push that button to 550 for “KTSA Safety Bird Reports" with Captain K. Hear accurate and official traffic reports direct from over-the-scene … reported in a personable and interesting manner by San Antonio Police Officers Sheldon Kosharek and Jesse Clements. You'll get to where you’re going quicker and safer by listening.


KTSA’s Trey Ware recalls flying with Sheldon many times in the “whirlybird” helicopter, saying, “He earned his rotor craft pilot license so not only was he the traffic reporter, but there were times when he actually flew the safety bird himself!”


Besides his widely-known traffic reporting, Sheldon was also a sales account manager at KTSA and a track announcer at Alamo Drag Raceway and at Ricci Ware's Pan American Speedway. For 13 years, he performed the duties of master of ceremonies for the "Our Part of Town" talent shows held by the City's Parks and Recreation Department, devoting countless hours toward assuring that every act that appeared felt important and appreciated.


Sheldon was an avid gun collector, history buff, and loved the railroad so much that he put box cars and full-size caboose in his backyard. In their Resolution of Respect, the City Council wrote “with the death of Sheldon "Captain K" Kosharek, the city has lost a valuable asset to its past, present and future.”