Tim McKee

Tim McKee began his broadcast career in the womb. His mother, Joan McKee, was the host of WOAI-TV’s popular cooking show, The Mary Carter Show, and pregnant with Tim during her last season of the show in 1957. So, you could definitely say it was in his blood!

Tim’s actual broadcasting career would begin while he was in Junior High School and began doing both radio and TV commercials. After graduating from Thomas Edison High School in 1974, Tim attended San Antonio College where he studied Radio, Television & Film.

Soon after college, Tim would enter into radio broadcasting full time. He worked as an on-air personality at several San Antonio radio stations … KCCW, KONO, WOAI-FM, and KFAN. Throughout his life, Tim knew he wanted to be in an airplane. So, in 1988 he became an airborne traffic reporter for Traffic Central.

In 1990 Tim was back on the ground… and was hired as mid-day host and production director at KAJA KJ-97. Five years later, he moved to KISS-FM, KSMG and KLUP as assistant production director where he would remain until the end of his broadcasting career as the station’s Production Director.

Along with his 27 years in radio, Tim also served as a volunteer on-camera spokesperson for public television, KLRN, for 13 years. He has done work as on-camera talent for both TV commercials and countless industrial training films.