Tony Raven

Tony Raven got his start in broadcasting as a junior in high school when, through a series of circumstances, he helped Sam Elliott build his first radio station, KULY 1420 in Ulysses, Kansas. Mike (his birth name) always wanted to be a rock and roll disc jockey, so he became one of the first jocks on the station.

This was the beginning of Mike’s career as an on-air radio personality…a career that would flourish for the next 18 years…with brief interruptions for college and study at the Radio Engineering Institute…where he received the training to earn both his FCC Second Class radio telephone operators license and his FCC First Class radio telephone operators license with ships radar endorsement.

Mike worked at several different radio stations in Kansas, Arizona and Texas and used several different air names before arriving in San Antonio with the new air name, Tony Raven, and this one stuck. From 1973 to 1988, Tony worked as an on-air personality first at KTSA-KTFM then at KONO and finally at WOAI Radio. But through all those years on the air, Tony always kept his hand in the technical side of the business.

He gained video experience working at KENS-TV for 8 years, where he was originally hired because of his audio expertise. While still working at KENS Tony started Tony Raven Enterprises doing projects in his off hours, including building audio and video studios at the local Air Force bases, installing satellite data systems, and working at Shook Electronics installing audio and video equipment in mobile broadcast vehicles. After leaving KENS, he spent 21 years with Shook eventually becoming Senior Vice-President and Director of Broadcast Engineering.

In 2010 Tony Raven Enterprises was reborn with the new mission of doing audio, video, intercom, satellite, radio, television, cablevision, and internet broadcast systems work. Tony also continues to do commercial voice work … because after all, it did all start with radio!