Trey Ware

Trey Ware was born to be in the radio business. The son of radio legend, Ricci Ware, he was always by his father’s side at every station where Ricci worked. When Trey was 6 he built a little studio in his bedroom with a stereo tuner, two turntables and an aluminum foil microphone … where he would sit for hours playing DJ. He also went to the station with his dad and worked on his skills in the production studio while his dad did his morning show.

Trey began to appear on-the-air at age 10. When he was 12, he had his own show on K-BUC…as the “youngest DJ in America.”  In 1980 he moved to KONO-KITY…attending high school by day, playing football after school and working on-air at night.

From 1982 to 1985, Trey worked as night jock at KTSA. Then he was hired as the first program director for KSMG, Magic 105.  He chose the call-letters, developed the format, hired the personalities, planned the launch, instituted the mascot, and did afternoon drive.

A year later, Trey returned to KTSA as Program Director. In 1988 he went to work at Christian radio KSLR as P-D and morning man. During his time there, KSLR became the highest-rated Christian station in America.

In 1990 Trey was hired by Westinghouse Broadcasting to oversee the transition of KQXT from instrumentals to soft rock. Over the next 2 years, he did the morning show, and was operations manager of KQ-102.

Trey then moved to KSRR Star-93 as operations manager and morning man, but by 1993, he returned once again to KTSA where he hosted his own morning talk show, was a top salesman, program director, and spent a decade teamed with his father on-the-air as the “Ware Pair”.

Today, Trey is still waking his KTSA listeners with his heartfelt, “I love you San Antonio!”  … and … he does it all without an aluminum foil microphone!