Woody Roberts

Woody Roberts began his long and storied radio career in 1958 as a DJ at KILE Radio in Galveston, Texas. This first full-time radio job would last only one year but would lead to many years of broadcasting work … starting in 1961 when Woody moved to San Antonio to DJ at KTSA.

In 1963 he was hired for the start-up staff when KENS Radio transitioned into KBAT. The next year, he moved to KONO, where he was a DJ and the Program Director for two years.

In 1966, Woody returned to KTSA as a consultant. After a short stint out of town, he returned to KTSA in 1968, this time serving as Vice-President and General Manager until 1972. From 1970 to 72 he simultaneously held the same position for KTFM.

In 1971, Woody was one of the founders of San Antonio Community Radio helping to put 89.1 FM on the air. His continued involvement would ultimately change the frequency to NPR station KSTX in 1988.

In 1973 Woody began working as an independent media consultant. His first client was the legendary San Antonio station, KEXL-FM. The station’s rebellious and innovative format was an experience unlike any other on the San Antonio airwaves.

In 1978, Woody created a Texas radio network to broadcast the first Texas Jam and World Music Festival which was carried in San Antonio by KISS-FM. In 1980 he created and produced Platinum Meltdown, a syndicated, 44-hour nonstop, weekend radio special that was carried in San Antonio by KTFM.

In 1984, Woody moved to Austin where he continued to work as a broadcasting consultant until his retirement in 2016.